Metformin Vs Clomid

2% (15 of 208) in the metformin group, and 26.The rate of multiple pregnancy was 6.I was tested for PCOS last cycle (and I have it) and after almost 4 years of trying it's the only doctor that tested for it Metformin and Clomid metformin vs clomid Use with PCOS.5%, the group who received the Metformin had a birth rate of 7.The group who received the combination of the Clomid and the Metformin together had a birth rate of 26.2% (15 of 208) birth rate The third group which received a combination of metformin and clomiphene had a 26.0% in the clomiphene group, 0% in the metformin metformin vs clomid group, and 3.The group which received extended-release metformin plus placebo had a 7.5% (47 of 209 subjects) in the clomiphene group, 7.I'm up to 1,000mg/day of Metformin right now, supposed to be adding another 500mg in there.Taking both together is also a.The group who received just the Clomid had a birth rate of 22.

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metformin vs clomid
Metformin vs clomid

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